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Completion and delivery of the main workshop of Lanhong Phase II


Completion and delivery of the main workshop of Lanhong Phase II
In February 2022, the second-phase production workshop project of Lanhong was completed. After the on-site joint inspection by the housing construction department, design, testing, construction and other participating units, it was unanimously agreed that the second-phase production plant project of Lanhong passed the acceptance.The second phase of the workshop plans to add two professional production lines to manufacture parts and components of related industries such as smart electric control cabinets. The new factory building is divided into production areas, storage areas and inspection areas according to its functions. It is distinctive that the design and construction of this workshop adopts the concept of green building system, and LED energy-saving lamps are enabled with wireless network system and automatic fire alarm system, realizing the transformation and development direction of green, environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving.


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